Gumball automatically aligns itself with the world


I have the problem with Rhino 8 that when I rotate an object, the rubber ball aligns itself with the world. If I click on “Object” in the gumball menu, nothing changes. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, but it seems to be off already

I have just noticed that there is a small grey lock symbol next to the command… I can switch the command on and off, but the lock remains. Is that important?

i accidentally edited my post above instead of answering :smile: omg…

not sure what that lock is for, i notice it the first time now.

maybe your issue is file dependent, can you post a portion of that file where that happens? or does that happen on any new file?

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example.3dm (2.9 MB)

It seems to happen in every document, but I’m probably missing something obvious

This has always been like this with groups. If you create a block with the objects, the gumball will stay aligned with it.

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When you use auto align, the lock can be used to freeze the Cplane, so that it doesn’t change when selecting a different object

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Thanks for the replay, how do i create a “Block” with the objects and why is it like this with groups ?

use the _Block command

Groups are not really objects in Rhino, it’s more like a tag. Objects can belong to more than one group. If you copy some groups and group these into a second group, you think you create a nested group, but in reality, it just adds all those objects to another group as well. Since groups are not objects, it cannot store Gumball information, at least that’s my understanding. Maybe @Joshua_Kennedy can chime in to see if there are possibilities to make groups act like single objects.

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Thanks for the detailed answer, I think I understand the source of the problem.

umpf… i am trying to figure out the sense of it now but i am busy so maybe my brain is not ready :smiley: if i lock the cplane then what advantage has the autocplane still have to just disabling it all together?

Until we can read your mind, this is the best option we have. Imagine that you want to move a curve that is not on the selected object’s CPlane, in the direction of that Cplane. You could use Move, but if you want to do the same with Gumball, you’ll have to select the curve first. This would change the Cplane again. This is when locking becomes handy. Of course AutoCplane + locking is similiar to Cplane > Object. So if you know you are going to do what I just mentioned, that’s another way to achieve it.
I personally have an alias co for that.

ok i have to ponder on that a bit, i dont use auto cplane currently but it seems very handy and i will start using it more often.

when autocplane beamed into my face the first time i used v8 it reminded me of microstation a bit which i briefly learned at some point, i found that this function was pretty handy for drawing accurately omnidirectional i believe it was called accudraw or something. autocplane brings kind of this ability along now paired with polyline for instance.