Guilloche gradient colour

(Ajarindia) #1

Hello all,I have created this guilloche how to achieve gradient colour to this using grasshopper gradient colour. When in tried using curve -> deconstruct domain 2 and connect that to gradient LO L1 it failed. Thanks in advance

curve guilloche.3dm (112.1 KB)

(Laurent Delrieu) #2

nice drawing. I learned a word.
please try to read the input of the component, hover your mouse over it will show you valuable information. L0, L1 and t are numeric value (double symbolysed by 0.1 )

And I think there is not gradiant for a single curve. So you have to cut the curve and colorize each of the curve by one color.

And if you want just n colors

curve (19.5 KB)

(Ajarindia) #3

Thank you so much @laurent_delrieu may i know how you create this animation image too.

Grasshopper Animation
(Laurent Delrieu) #4

Right click on the slider
click on animate, choose the file destination, size of images …

Then use GIF encoder from Daniel Piker

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Thanks once again :heart::heart::heart: @laurent_delrieu