Guide curves showing while rendering animation


When rendering an animation in R7 the guide curves stay visible. In my copy of R5 this doesn´t happen and the curves are hidden as they should be.


test.3dm (236.7 KB)


test_R5.3dm (208.6 KB)

I quickfixed this by hiding the guide curve manually before rendering, but this used to happen automatically. Also – I wasnt able to stop the rendering in process which is also available in R5 with the Escape key. Before waiting for 1800 frames to render I opted to kill a rhino with task manager, but it seemed rather excessive.

Is this replicatable (with included test files for example) or is this problem on my side?

Thank you in advance

Hi @kral
Depending on how you capture your animation (external render engine or internal display mode) it could be as simple as unchecking “Curves” in the relevant Display mode tab.

HTH, Jakob

That was my second go-to solution if _Hide didn´t work. Thing is I have this whole process in a script to cut down time it takes to make these simple visualisations. I´ve added hiding the guide curves into the script for now.

The second thing is even bigger problem and that is the fact I have to wait or kill Rhino to stop the rendering process. This seems strange and I wonder whether it´s something with my plugins etc. or if it´s a “bug”.

Hello - I do not see the curves here so far in my tests.