'Guid' parameter support of preselection

Hi @DavidRutten,

Is there an intention to add preselect ability to ‘Guid’ parameter?
If not are there some limitations which prevent its introduction?

Hi @DavidRutten,
Is there some limitation why “Guid” parameter can not support preselect?

What do you mean by Preselect?

Do you mean referencing Rhino geometry?

Yes, referencing geometry from Rhino, while it is selected.
It can be bypassed by using any geometry parameter before the “Guid” parameter:

But still, it would be practical if we would be able to do this with the “Guid” parameter itself.
I am wondering if there is some limitation, why it can’t have the preselect ability at the moment?

I’ll have a look today to see if that’s just a matter of changing a false to a true value, or if it requires fundamental changes.

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Yesh it was as easy as changing a False into a True…

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Thank you David.
Will this update be available in the next Rhino 6 Service Release SR26?

No, I only put it into R7.

RH-58583 is fixed in the latest WIP