Is possible Clone a obj guid?

I need Ex:

Create a new obj, and get the guid id of another to this new one.

I know there can not be two pieces with the same id in the same drawing, so
I need to delete the old obj, I need do something like this:

obj= rs.GetObject(“Select delete obj” ,8)
if obj:
obj2= rs.GetObject(“Select clone obj” ,8)
if obj2:
ID= obj[0]
set new guid id to obj2

Any chance?

Hi Ricardo

For that you can use the ObjectTable.Replace() method

import scriptcontext as sc

sc.doc.Objects.Replace(id, geom)

Where I'd is the Guide and geom is the new geometry.
You can get that with rhinoscriptcontext.coercegeometry(id)

Does this make sense?