GUI issues (AA)

Notice that in the latest version the smaller graphic elements look pretty choppy, the AA is not nice at all…

Also I have this happening in a lot of the Preferences panels:

Didn’t see any specific YT item for this, I know it’s a WIP, but thought I’d throw in a heads-up here… --Mitch

i was wondering about that too. i looked through jetbrains, and wasn’t comfortable submitting it because:

  1. i’m not familiar with jetbrains and if we can or should report there
  2. it was something i thought was too obvious and should be in there and i wasn’t looking in the right place


Yeah, that one gets me as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

I filtered with this:

is it called youtrack or jetbrains? and is learning all this something i can put on my resume? :wink:

I logged one a little while ago (MR-2461)…I renamed it to be more general. Please add incriminating evidence as you see fit.

YouTrack (Jetbrains is the company; they also produce some other popular tools like ReSharper and PyCharm).

With demonstrated aptitude, I could be persuaded to endorse you for it on LinkedIn :wink:

FWIW, I use this query for Grasshopper in Rhino for Mac.


I really like YouTrack, but that context filter is the work of the devil. I simply hate that feature because it filters results when you are sent a link. For example, here is a query that could cause a lot of trouble for @Helvetosaur if he didn’t remember to set it back to “Everything”…

Project: RH Subsystem: Grasshopper #Unresolved

(show me all the unresolved issues in Rhino for Windows in the Grasshopper subsystem)

…it trips us up all the time.

Here is my rule: DON’T use that filter (I wish we could remove it)…

…but rather always specify the project in your query (like: project: MR or project: RH).

…steps down from soapbox. for the pref panel.

challenge accepted :wink:

Well, personally, I usually set that filter to limit the scope the first thing when I go into YT looking for something, so I don’t get fried by it very often. But because I had qualified is as type “cosmetics”, it didn’t catch the Preferences panel thing, because that is qualified as “incomplete port”… However, leaving off the cosmetics qualifier, it did find the issue, along with 58 others… Sometimes I just don’t have the time/energy to scan through all of that…


Still seeing the GUI issues in the Preferences window in 5C133w.

Still unresolved:

I am also having this problem. Waiting…waiting…

Does anyone know if this is an issue specific to display settings?

No, this is an issue because we are still in the very early stages of making Grasshopper available on Mac. There are plenty of areas that need to be worked on and the options dialog happens to be one of them.