GSM4Q 2019 - Architecture Conference in Qatar

GSM4Q 2019
6-7 February 2019
Qatar University Library

Connecting People, Spaces and Machines: The Informed Nomadic Monad

The GSM4Q conference is the 4th in a series of Game Set and Match conferences on the state of mind in architecture and urban design, hosted by Qatar University, Doha, Qatar.

The theme of the GSM4Q conference is The Informed Nomadic Monad. The monad is considered to be a design pattern that defines how inputs, processes, and outputs together build generic types, as in functional programming. The nomad links back to the Bedouin history of Qatar and forward to its potential for today’s strategic planning. The GSM4Q conference covers a variety of specific yet strongly connected topics like Swarm Behavior, Distributed Climates, Robotic Buildings, Informed Materials, Monads, Nomads, Scalable Interactions, Smart Environments. These and other topics will be targeted by the keynote speeches, and challenged by the hands-on/hands-off workshops and call for papers.

Rhino users are welcome to present.

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Posted Nov 13, 2018 by Delia Robalo on Rhino News, etc.