Grow/shrink selection?

Are there commands yet to grow/shrink the component selection on polymeshes (points, edges, polygons) and NURBS (points, edges, surfaces)?

I guess you know what I mean. Here’s an example from Maya, but could be any of the major 3d programs.


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you can do in scripting by selecting adjacent faces, but not for mesh modelling I am aware of

Ok, thank you!

Hi Eugen - currently only for selected control points - SelConnected and a clever macro for deselecting connected points"
! _Invert _SelConnected _Invert


I’m revisiting this issue now that there’s subDs as a major part of the modeling flow—can we get (or am I missing?) an expand/shrink selection tool-set?

I’d like to be able to add connected faces/edges/vertices depending on selection mode, or similarly deselect the boundary “ring” of the selection.

Thanks in advance to those with domain knowledge and programming expertise who can help!

this has been requested and in on the list-

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Well, glad it’s on deck!