Groups of groups behaving strangely after baking with Elefront

I noticed something strange about how Elefront bakes groups of groups.

See the example below. In both cases I am creating a bunch of groups and then group them together again before baking. But the 2 behave very differently.

While the circles are all in one group as expected, in the example with the text, each number is its own group and if I ungroup it, it contains all 10 numbers. But not copies of the numbers, but each group contains the same 10 numbers. It is very strange.

Can someone take a look what is happening and why the groups behave differently after baking? (ps: you need the Squid and of course Elefront plugin) (21.5 KB)

That’s pretty weird. I assume it has to do with the nested groups - perhaps it’s working in the lower scenario because the sub-groups only have one item, so there’s no real recursion required (since the items and groups are 1-to-1). In any case, I will look into it.