Groups not visible when using Make 2d

I am having a lot of problems using the Make 2d command to make a simple line drawing from a complex model. I choose Current view but of course before that you have to get view in right place

This is how I do it. Can anyone advise me if there is a better way?
If I am looking at model from a 3d angle I must get it so essentially I am looking down on 2d plane I want as if it was a plan. Then I use one of the drone icon commands to get the view I want.
This always has unexpected results( why?) I usually get the flat on view I want even if its upside down; I sometimes have to use tilt setting the angle to 180 degrees.
Obviously if objects are on locked layers, then it will impossible to select them.
So that is clear. It also impossible to select objects which are part of groups.
Why is that?

Hello- I am not sure I follow, completely, but the Plan command will set the view straight on to the current CPlane. I do not yet understand what you are describing about selection,


That is not an accurate answer. The results are very unlike your statement.

Hi - could you try to clarify the issue? Perhaps post a 3dm file with named view and some illustration of what you are trying to achieve?

If you use the Ctrl + Shift key when you select an object in a group, the selection menu will pop up and you can pick the object in the group.

Hi Pascal and Wim,
Thank you for your help on 1st April when I posted a question entitled “Groups not visible when using Make 2d”.

I am still having problems with this file. I posted it to 16 hours ago and have still not received a reply.
So can you or someone else have a look at it?

I sent it via We Transfer
Can you explain what has gone wrong and is there a way to fix it.
This model was envisioned as repetitive housing units created as blocks ( Sorry in my discussion group posting I referred to this as groups but actually it is blocks).
If I try to edit them, however, I now cannot do so.
Have I inadventently turned an editing procedure or something? Or has the file become corrupt and if so is there a way of fixing it?
Please help !!

Thank you