Groups in blocks get ungrouped?


This bug somehow sneaked in at some release of rhino 5 and I’ve noticed it’s still there in V6. Or is it just me having groups getting ungrouped in blocks? (once reediting a block or exploding it, the group is gone)


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Hi Aurel - groups do not survive blocking - I don’t think they ever have - Hmmmm. Groups are essentially nothing more than saved selection sets and the set is a bunch of object ids - as far as I know there is not much more to it than that. A block definition would need to keep group information and transmit it to each instance and, I guess, the instance would have to implement the group on Explode or BlockEdit when the new objects are added to the file .

I imagine this is possible but probably not straightforward…


Hi Pascal, thanks for your answer. I could get used to blocking in blocks. Groups are just so convenient and fast, it seems intuitive they would survive blocking. Funny that I remember doing that in earlier versions, but i might be wrong!

Hi Pascal,

I see that here you already discussed the issue of grouping within blocks.
I wonder if not more people would find this very helpful.

Currently, I would have enjoyed this feature greatly. For example when you have any repeating objects ( in my case wood battern) but you cannot conveniently use the layers as you dont want to change all of “wood batterns”.

So i was wondering if implementing this feature is still not a topic.

Thanks a lot.


Hi - I’m not sure what that means. Can you give a specific example in a 3dm file?

I meant that the selection of objects with layers makes no sense (in some cases) because I would have to create one for each “group of object”

in the enclosed file I want to change some wood (eg. one quater of a circle) then it is very painful to select the items. Hope its more clear.


Untitled.3dm (1.4 MB)