Grouping members that meet multiple criteria

Hi All,

I’m hoping that that this is a relatively straightforward question and that I’m just missing something a bit obvious.

To give some background, I’m dealing with a structure where I am trying to group connection forces so that each beam, column or brace section size has up to 5 different groupings (i.e. a typical group, a group with high axial force & low shear, a group with low axial force & high shear etc. etc.).

To start with, I set up a filter for a particular section size. I then created a series at 0.1 increments from the lowest value to the highest of each group. I rounded my raw data to 0.1 to ensure that all members will match against at least one value in the series. I than ran a member index to find the indexes where this occurs.

The problem I have is that members with low forces are being categized in both the ‘typical group’ and some of the atypical groups. No member should be in more than one group. The member should always be grouped in to the category with the lowest criteria for both the axial and shear force. Most members should fail into just the typical group.

I would like to hear your thoughts on potential solutions on filtering out the ‘typical group’ from the other groups.

In the future, I would like to expand the script so that checks would be carried out against values besides axial and shear such as moment, torsion etc.

See attached image and a snippet of the main part of the script. I hope this helps explain what I’m doing and how it could be improved!

GH Forum (15.4 KB)