Grouping curves that have different z coordinations into branches

Hello everyone, first of all I would say I have little experience on Grasshopper.

I’m trying to sorting curves that have the same Z coordination (basically sorting curves that are on the same level into branches). I’ve tried to extract Z coordination data then I evaluated them for dispatching the data, but it seems like the data out put was correct only the first branch. Does anyone has suggestions sorting these curves?

Thank you.

Hi @kian.jansuwan,

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Often it is convenient to post the geometry you are working on.

To branch your data according the z value there are several possibilites, here are 3: (11.0 KB)

Hi Baris,

Thank you for your helps, the picture attached showed the curves that I want to group them by their Z coordination, anyway I uploaded the picture again here.

The image is useless to Grasshopper.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

P.S. Member Index can be extremely useful for this problem.

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If you cant understand the generic examples provided it is even more suggested to post the actual geometry.