Grouped Text with a closed curve from Rhino in Grasshopper


i have a question, i have some closed curves with different highs and different floorings on the steps. Now i want to have every step with the high and the flooring from the text in Grasshopper. Is there a chance to get it?

So you have a list of the heights and flooring in grasshopper that you want transformed into geometry?

Please explain a little better and post a file (internalized)

I have written all into the grasshopper document. I couldn´t internalised the text from rhino. I hope you can help me now :sunglasses:

Bodenhö (9.9 KB)

It should mabe be later a geometry or a calulation in Excel etc.

Still not following what the intent is.

You will need to Internalize Data before you post the file for this to work.

Its also best practice to mention any plugins required. In this case Human.

I want getting the m² per step together with the high an flooring in one list per every step. I hope you can understand it now…

Bodenhöhe.3dm (31.9 KB) (13.7 KB)

Since i am not entirely sure what you are asking for - this is my best guess:
The correct area is now orderd to the correct Text. Is that all you needed?