Grouped items on one layer I wish showed their layer colour as if ungrouped

I have a row of circles on a blue layer and the exact same cloned row on a red layer, both rows grouped.
Both rows all colour by layer.
If these were not grouped each circle would show red and blue options for the pick.
As they are grouped it just says grouped, no good to me whatsoever.

I know they are grouped, but they are all on the same layer so why not indicate the layer colour as if they werent grouped ?

How can I identify in the pick which row is which ?


You could name your groups. The name will display in the selection menu if you set it that way.

You can set what info is included in the selection menu. Go to Options -> Selection Menu -> Items. Check show object layer and/or color.

I have that already set to show object colour, I also now set it to show object layer

I click a circle row and still only see Group 345. I need to see the colour the layer is using as I have colour coded my circles to denote different sizes and whether they exist port or stbd or both.

another example dashed lines orange are datums and green are rivet centre lines, just seeing group456 when the grouped items all sit on the same layer is a pain.

I may have a workaround ctrl shift click subselects and shows the colour !

Naming the groups might work, bit like remembering to log every supermarket receipt if doing ones housekeeping spending…I am not perfect :slight_smile: though it wont tell me the colour but might sometimes give me what I need to know.
Trouble is I do move things around from one to another layer as need arises and method changes, so the name would be wrong, or can it be that it auto updates and has the name from whatever layer its been moved to ?


The group name would stick no matter what layer the group was on.