Grouped but not really?

I have these objects which are grouped together.

When I click on the outside curve, it selects both:

When I click on the inner curve, it selects only the inside curve.

How is this possible? I know that ungrouping and regrouping fixes it but I’m just trying to figure out what causes this.

220609 GroupSelect.3dm (43.1 KB)

Hei Siemen -

I suppose these curves are taken from a larger file?
It looks like that inner curve was, at some point, part of a different group:

I’ve been meaning to get something like this on the list but I’ll have to research existing YT items and try and figure out what expected behavior is…

I see, thanks @wim! I think I should be able to figure this out. It was indeed part of a larger file and it seems like something is wrong in one of my commands which automatically groups things.

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Hello- in the WIP `UngroupAll’ removes all grouping info from a selection - you can then grroup the still selected objects into a new group when things get tangled up like this.