Group non-geometric items?

Hey all! Is there a native way to group non-geometric data (for example numbers), similar to the way you can group geometric items?
Searching for this in order to use data management components that are meant for items, not branches (such as dispatch, weave…)
Thank you!

How about cheating ? :sweat_smile:

Maybe post an example of your data and the expected result, because there should be a way without grouping. (16.0 KB)

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Not sure this is what you want, anyway here’s a way to use MetaHopper’s Wrap and Unwrap List.

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yes, I know about metahopper and it is useful, but that’s why I was asking about a native way to do this (I want to use it in a tutorial and I would prefer not to ask the students to install other plugins). thanks anyway!

:)) fun way.
I can find workarounds, but I was wondering if I am missing some basic component or straight forward way. In the curent particular case I want to dispatch branches with numbers and add and subtract a certain amount alternatively from the numbers in teh branches and then put them back together. the vector trick would work, so thanks for that.
The way i currently did it is like this:

I would suggest this in this case with native components : (15.0 KB)

Or my Smart Picker :smiley:

magicteddy.gha (73.5 KB)