Group items with a range

I am looking for a way to group some surfaces that have a similar length( lengths similar within .03125 in particular). Rounding to the 3rd decimal place will not work as i need my precision to at least 4 decimals.

Multiply by 1000 before you do your CSet?

that doesn’t group the items falling within .03125 of each other together, it just moves the decimal place.

Multiply by 32 and add 1/64, then truncate?

could you tell me what truncate does exactly? i have never used it before

Truncate means to drop off numbers after a certain decimal place without rounding. So for instance something like 2.87 truncated to the first decimal place would be 2.8 as opposed to rounding to nearest which would give you 2.9. (It is essentially just the same as rounding to the decimal place by floor, if you are using the Pufferfish’s Round to Decimal Place component)

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