Group Colliding Object with Grasshopper

Hello team, I am wondering what is the best method to group the colliding objects in Grasshopper. thanks

Hi there!,

in the intersection tab, on the “Physical” intersection components(the three last components, I believe they are all native to at least rhino 7), the clash and two collision components should all give you the indices of the obstacles in a branch (of a data tree),

is this the grouping you are looking for, or do you mean an actual rhino group?

Hi Jaime, thank you for the reply, could you please share the GH script that groups the intersecting boxes?

Happy to help!, have you by any chance read the Help Us Help You post? It’s not a norm by any means, but it’s a useful guide to get you started on how to get significant help in the forum. Give it your best shot and come back anytime you hit a roadblock :raised_hands: