Group by x axis value

Hello all, I have a large number of small meshes, for my cnc application I should group them by X axis but I really don’t know how to do. Minimum distance for each point is 0.1 so this could be a “search range”.
Any help is appreciated. Thank you

What does this mean? Do you have a sample file that helps explain this?

– Dale

Hi Dale, the complete file is quite big… BTW it’s an array of small meshed spheres. I got something like 2000 colums wich are at increasing distance. Also each colum have increasing elements. I need to have a group for each column of spheres.
I think X coordinate should have a little search tolerance.

Hi Maf,

Is this a recurring issue or just a unique situation you want to solve. For the latter, why not go into a sideview and select sets of equal x points.

As for the scripting, what language are you scripting in?

Pseudo code for a solution could be:
Sort points by Y value
Walk the sorted points and if their y value is passing a threshold, start filling the next list.

EDIT rereading your question I believe y sort should be x sorting