Group Behavior In V7 SR8

Overall I like the new group behavior, but the paste/import/selection bug really threw me. I thought it was geometry dependant at first, but it turns out it’s just the selection.

Also, a slight behavior inconsistency is okay, but having an inconsistency for delete and another for copy/export has been frustrating. I’d prefer one exception, preferably just for hidden objs. Locked objs are visible and should be included in deletes and copy/export.

Test File:

group inconsistencies.3dm (818.3 KB)

Bug: Layer Locked/_Lock Objects Are Temp Excluded From Selection After Paste/Import

Auto selection after copy/paste excludes locked objs (also applies to export/import)


_SelLast after copy/paste excludes locked objs (also applies to export/import)


Intended? Rhino Says Objs Are Selected But Excludes Them From Certain Commands

Hidden Objs Are Excluded From Copy/Export (But Locked Is Included)


Locked/Hidden Objs Are Excluded From Delete


Sorry, but these gifs are impossible to follow - please describe the problems you see if there is more too it than what your titles convey.


Hmm…I did type it up, but it even confused me so I deleted it and made the gifs instead.

I see this.
RH-65153 Copy/Paste and groups

Yeah - again, colliding rules about what should happen. I’ll ask the developer what he thinks - I am not sure what the right thing to do is here either.


Might be worth mentioning it applies to import/export and SelLast. When you paste or import several groups a second time, it’s impossible to pick apart new stuff from old.

The only thing I feel strongly about is that it’s one rule for the exceptions (delete and copy), not a rule udt commands, one for delete, and one for copy/export.

Updated the gifs with title cards for clarity.