Groundplane: Catch light as well?

Currently the groundplane has two options: “Catch shadow only” and “Material”.

I’d love for another option to be something like “Shadow + Light only”, which would then BLEND (screen mode?) added light onto the transparent ground plane, causing the “background image” to be lighter in that area when rendered using “Raytraced”, or the default Rhino renderer.

“Added Light” being only light OTHER than direct from WORLD LIGHTING setup.

Thoughts? Would anyone else use this?

I think it’d be more useful if we had render layers and render passes that could be saved out to them use further in compositing tools.

That sounds like a better solution. I wonder if it’s on the roadmap…

It is something on my personal wish-list (: (yes, I’m @jesterking, but on the work account now :wink: ). Although I understand the drive for quick ways to do this I think in the end it is better to have good tools that don’t complicate the rendering itself too much. Doing this kind of trickery is already quite advanced, so I think some advanced tools won’t hurt the user (you).