Groundcover type is not changing

Hello, i am trying to model grass using Lands Design groundcover tool but i cant change its type. No matter what i pick from the list and what i pick as season, it creates kind of green leaf. I neither can change the type nor change the colour with changing the season. Any ideas fof that?

Hello @karakusc,

Are you running Lands in Rhino or Autocad? Which versions are you using? Could you send us a video showing the problem?

Hi, i am usig rhino 7 with last version of lands design. The problem is i cant change type of ground cover. İ can recort a video as soon as i got back to office.

Here is the video, as you can see even if i change the grass type and season, the type and colour of groundcover stays the same.

Edit2: I got an error while uploading the video again and again so i uploaded it on drive and here is the link:

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The species you are selecting does not have a specific groundcover realistic display assigned, so they both use the default one. (you changed the top-left filter value from “With Render” to “All”).

You can change the assigned realistic display from the species properties, once the groundcover is inserted:

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I got it now, thank you very much!