Ground plane grey circle effect

Good Evening All,

Was just wandering how was the grey spotlight effect achieved on the ground plane? Thank you for your help in advance!

Hello - most likely a spotlight with a comparatively small core.


Hi @Jonas-Blazinskas, this was actually created by using a single mesh plane with an opacity map like this one or

Hope it helps!

Neat little cheat I like it. Just wandering how did they achieved the shadow of the object too? Because you need to enable ground plane in shapediver viewer to see the shadows right? And that ground plane is a grey rectangle, which I don’t want. Thanks for the help!

You dont need the default ground plane, just any ground you create yourself will allow the shadow casting.

Awesome thank you!

Could you explain further how thus is done in Rhino?

I believe I originally did not label the topic as shapediver section. We are discussing on how to achieve an effect like this on grasshopper and shapediver. If you want a similar example please look at the post from pascal as he is showing how it could be done in rhino. Apologies about the confusion.

Alright, gotcha. I had posted recently asking about how to achieve diffuse shadows in Rhino Cycles and the best answer I got was from @BrianJ who suggested using several rectangular lights.The above seemed to give more control and I was hoping there was some way to implement it Rhino. Thanks.

If you have a V-Ray or any other rendering software, you could use a material opacity map on a surface to achieve this effect. Not sure if rhino has opacity maps in it’s native rendering engine.