GripsOff event or how to understand that grips were switched off


The problem: There is no GripsOff event or something similar in RhinoCommon (am I right?), so then it is hard to determine when I have to turn off features related to displayed grips.

Question What solution could be the best solution until the event is added by McNeel?

I know, grips could be switched off on Esc (but not always: while moving grip they will still remain visible) and with PointsOff, Cancel commands - and it is possible to track it.

Solution? I would prefer to have GripsOff event (with Aruments including List and List that were turned off)

You could listen for the “EscapeKeyPressed” event, which is raised when the user presses the Esc key. When this event is raised, you could assume that the user has turned off grips and take appropriate action.

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