Grip Texture Reverse Engineering

Hi, so I’m basically trying to reverse engineer this texture but I’m not so versed in GH.
The Shape of the overall textures i believe is a triangle. I notice that on the chamfer and the booleaned part there are changes of direction of the triangular sweep. Halp!

Here is what i mean on the change of direction. Am i overlooking at it and it is something quite simple?

Top and Bottom shots

Thickness on the pointy parts of the grip give you a sense of the shape curvature

You can see the triangles that conform the shape. Not sure if they are the same width.

First, you should examine and analyze the object’s shape. You should first create a 3D model of the overall shape and then use the contour command to generate the pattern, which is simply an array of lines. Then, model the carving shape on top of the contours.

Another method is to unwrap the object’s shape, contour it on top of that unwrapped flat surface, and then carve the shape with a linear array. Finally, you use the flowalongsrf command to attach the carved geometry.

The final command should be BooleanDifference.

GH is limited when ideas are limited.

Thanks, Archholic. I have already done the first and second steps you mentioned. analyze the object shape and make a contour, but I don’t seem to replicate the pattern as good as the real object.