Gridstructur with certain line lenght

Hey there,
I have got two or more plane surfaces, where I want to put my grid struktur on with a maximum line length not longer than for example 15 Meter. It works when I use one single surface, but when I use more than one surfaces or one of the surface has no side lenght longer than 15 Meter it doesn’t work anymore.

Here you can see when I use just one surface on the brep it works. A second or third surface doesn’t work anymore.

Could anyone help me please?

Grid.3dm (1.9 MB) (21.1 KB)

Hi Martin,

it’s unclear what you’re trying to achieve and looking at a messy definition is not exactly encouraging me to find & tackle your problem. Please internalize your data, explain the desired outcome & pin down your problem. It is very likely, that we’ll come up with a different solution to your problem…

also, please read here: