Gridshells on patch and untrimmed surfaces

Hi guys, can anybody help me to make a full parametric gridshell definition for this patch surface?
thank you a lot in advance.

BASE SURFACE.3dm (43.9 KB) (4.1 KB) (9.8 KB)

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Than you so much, great!
I am investigating the chance to cover this surface with different types of structures.

problem 1:
For example i tryed to cover it with panel by lounchbox plugin for rhino or others paneling tools but i cannot trim the panels and the cover all the untrimmed surface.

problem 2:
i need to get the linear structure also: i mean the wireframe but linear segment beetween vertices.

thank you in advance for your kind help.

Take a look at the attachment. (30.1 KB)

You can find intersection points per each iso_curve and sort them along each curve and from that points, you can make polylines…(Explode each polyline = Linear segment)

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I tried quad panels and found the nodes by multiple crv intersection component. but still have some questios:

1-i need flat panels or linear edges. Which is better to find first? and how?
2-do you think is possible to have the control of the side lenght of the quad panels and make them all equals?

thank you.

Getting linear segments is pretty easy but that doesn’t mean these quad panels are planar…
As you might already know, you can make flat Tri-grid panels easily. BTW, in case quad panels, you might need to use “Kangaroo” for planarization… (30.4 KB)