Gridshell - problem with base mesh/anchor points

I’m trying to construct a grid shell over a cube with 7 anchor points. The base surface for the grid shell is the xy plane of the cube. I guess,there is a problem either in the loads I have predefined or in the mesh itself or the anchor points. The result i get looks like shown in the photo - anchor points seems to be moving continiously in the z coordinate.
image (21.9 KB)


Remove this component! It doesn’t make any sense to connect a True or False output to a vector component.

Thanks, I just corrected it and uploaded the new file. (18.2 KB)

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nice thank you ! is there another way to include a few more anchor points on the bace surface? (20.7 KB)

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Thank you so much ! I dont have the curve middle component so I used point on curve instead. I also need to have a maximum of 7 points, so I removed one of the extra ones.
now I need to figure out how to make an ofset of the base surface so that the main volume stayes under the arch
image (21.7 KB)

I meant the main surface. I just made an offset of the boundary lines