Grids' and levels' extension modification


Is there any way to modify the extension of the grids and levels in RiR, so they do not appear by default in Revit?

When I create Grids in RiR they only appear up to some levels in Revit, because they are too short. I would like to increase their height so they can be shown in all levels.

Also I have a similar issue with Levels. When I create Levels in RiR the extensión of them in the 3D model is too small. I would like to increase them in RiR but I donot know if there is any parameter where I can modify them.

Thanks in advance

There are some methods for changing Datum extents in the Revit API. Often in the project environment these are often handled with Scope Boxes – which is a parameter on the grid.

As you can see in the video and methods below there would need to be a few modify grid/level components. I’ll put in a feature request for main ones.

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Have these features been created?



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