Griddle - new volume mesher for Rhino

Griddle provides automatic, interactive, and easy-to-use surface meshing tools and volume mesh generation capabilities.

Meshes created by Griddle can be imported into various numerical simulation software, including FLAC3D/3DEC, ABAQUS, ANSYS, NASTRAN, and LS-DYNA.

Griddle is a commercial product with a free demo version available.

It can be installed for Rhino versions 6 and 7 (Windows platform).

Griddle is designed to address meshing needs primarily in civil, mining, geotechnical and petroleum engineering. However, Griddle is a general meshing software. It can produce volume meshes for various applications requiring Finite Element, Finite Volume, Discrete Element analyses, or other types of numerical modeling.

Griddle’s volume meshers are capable of creating:

  • Fully structured, fully conformal, hexahedral volume meshes based on Rhino solids.
  • Unstructured, fully conformal, hex-dominant, or tetrahedral volume meshes based on surface meshes. In addition, Griddle provides powerful capabilities to work with surface meshes, such as mesh clean-up and repair, conformal intersections, re-meshing, extraction, extrusion, extension, etc.

Download an Eval version on food4Rhino…

Posted Jun 21, 2021 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.