Grid relative to a polyline

Hello All,
i am really not an expert, but i am trying to learn,
I am working on a definition of a structure that adapts to parcel limits (or to a polygon),
i made a first test but i a feel something is wrong either with my technic or my logic or (20.5 KB)
both, as the definition seems clumsy.
any optimization suggestions is very welcome.


i tried to switch these components but i it did not work,
thank you anyway

How is that Variable Offset cluster working for you? It looks sketchy to me.

Its not mine, i found it on the forum.
how it is working - it is pretty efficient for rectangles but doesnt work so well for more complex polygons

I fixed it. This is BEFORE:


This is AFTER:

after (24.9 KB)

I suspect the rest of your grid issue is rather simple. How about an image of what you expect?

wow thanks for the fix, it is great.
Here is an image of what i have achieved in a very clumsy way for now.

i am trying to make a modular system that is relative to a polygon and height-
in the first step i want to define a volume by a polygon (like in the image)
in the second step i will try to make groups of modules 3 -4 -5 to show some program flexibility - but i am clearly not there yet.

Your description isn’t clear enough for me and the image doesn’t help much.

Here is a way that might get you there? (without those plugins) (31.5 KB)

  • You can use either the offset curve as shown or the original curve.

  • And you can use Untrim instead of PxS (Plane Through Shape) as shown.

PxS produces a grid that is square to ‘World XY’ while Untrim results in an angled grid.

P.S. Or maybe you want to grid the area between the perimeter and the variable offset curve? (33.4 KB)

Modify the ‘U’ and ‘V’ inputs to SDivide (defaults are 10 divisions) to change the grid size.
If you want specific grid dimensions, those lines connected to SrfSplit ‘C’ input will need to be created differently.

Like this: (27.7 KB)

Sorry about the unused components in version ‘c’. I’ll quit guessing now.

not what i am doing but i can learn couple of things from your definitions,
thank you very much !