Grid is far away in Big drawings

How do you know what it will do? Is your workflow being interfered with by the presence of, say, layouts?

Sure, that argument could be used for a lot of stuff… Display modes? Ehh, who needs those? Rendering? Naahhh.

You’re gonna love V6. MASSIVE “feature bloat”… subdivision surface modeling, quad meshing, Cycles render engine, Grasshopper integrated… There’s even a spell checker for text. :wink:


Yes please, to this type of “feature bloat”.

You can model in 3D all you like but unless you are serious about what you do, you’ll have to convey your design with people around you. That makes it core functionality and a robust version thereof needs to be in base-case Rhino.

sounds terrible!

Do you know if with grasshopper being integrated, it will also be ported to Mac at this time?

I kinda doubt it. I know they are working on it, but it’s a HUGE job… And perhaps “integrated” was not a good description, it will simply be installed as part of the main package instead of having to download a separate item. But as far as I know, it will still have its own “playing field”…


Sounds great! Put me down as a beta tester! My past experience urges caution is what it boils down to. Been burned before (see AutoCAD release 13!) Thanks for the lively back and forth.


Yes, absolutely.

People keep asking for 2D drawings, and I’m talking about mechanics, not architecture.

I know, Rhino was not built for mechanics, but not always mechanics means simple shapes, and Rhino is good enough for that. You can use solids on simple shapes but you can also use surfaces when you need them.
So why not use it for mechanics ? :smile:

Yep, ask @DanBayn

Maybe getting over my head here, but could a person build a custom grid with the distances in mind and lock it and it is there for visual only? ( not sure if that helped)

This may be a naive thought but could it be possible to create some kind of hybrid CPlanes for work far from the “real” world origin? With Rhino remembering where that origin is, but moving the objects being worked on to a temporary world origin, (or moving a temporary world origin to the objects, if that is easier to visualize).
This wouldn’t help if you need to manipulate objects both at the origin and far away, but it would help if you only had to do one or the other.

John_Brock, Thank you very much for your helpful tips. There is one that I don’t understand.
What do you mean by “State Plane coordinates” ?