Grid for printing with

Is there a way of auto generating a grid, with numbers maybe 0 10 20 30 across it and indication of mm or cm, to have as a light grey in the background to allow accuracy check of printed out plans. every 10 lines a bit bolder, just as in background.

In fact to be able to take the background grid and make it printable would be good as an option.

I have created one in Rhino but now find myself having to add to it for a larger item and alter the numbers to where I need the origin again.

How can I get my grid to NOT get printed over the top of objects ?


Try SendToBack, SendBackward, BringToFront, BringForward. Or maybe try moving the grid behind your objects…

Here’s a file that might, or might not, help - you can import it and scale to taste, the numbers will update.

Grid.3dm (107.5 KB)

Cheers Pascal,
I had created a grid looking very much like the default background which I saved as a 3dm.

Whilst I am seeing greys on screen for this grid of mine, they are not cmyk values or tints of black. How can I dictate the shade of grey they will be when printed ? I wont be overseeing the printout and even if I was, I wouldn’t want to have to go home redo and try again.


@pascal You still got this file somewhere in your archives…? :slight_smile:

Hmmm- not so far…


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Can’t wait to see your avatar w/o the mask!

If this is still available, I’d like to try it.

Here you go , I dredged it up…

@Alan_Farkas , fyi…

Grid.3dm (78.9 KB)


Wow! Thanks Pascal.

Thx so much! Looking forward to giving it a whirl!