Grid disappear when Insert / import DWG


I don’t know why, my grid and axis disappear when I import / insert a dwg drawing…

I’ve try all the things mention in THIS similar post without success…

any idea ?


Hi CC - it may be that the Zoom to the imported objects is pulling the view away from the Cplane. DWG import zooms to the objects…


Hi pascal,

I tried to move the whole drawing to location 0,0,0… nothing change…

Hello - is the scale of the import such that the grid would normally show (i.e. not be tiny)? What happens if you press the F7 key, anything?


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We will need the file to figure out out.
I suspect the model is not near the coordinate origin, or is much bigger so the existing Grid is either too far away, too small, or both.

Thanks pascal and John. I appreciate the fast help. Grid was too small… Problem solved :slight_smile: