Grid blackout

please i need help. my whole viewport is black out. can someone tell me what to do. just download Rhino7. plllssss.

Hi @Odukoya_Oladapo
Welcome to the group! First thing to do, is to run the Rhino command SystemInfo, copy the resulting text in its entirety here and post it here. It’s usually a graphics card driver that needs to be updated or a graphics card that doesn’t meet Rhino’s minimum requirements (or both :grimacing:), but the SystemInfo will help us help you :slight_smile:
HTH, Jakob

thanks so much, am on it now. but how can i run the command info… sorry am a newbee.

Hi Odukoya -

Simply type “SystemInfo” on the command line and hit the Enter key.

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Hello @Jakob Normand.
pls kindly see me through on how to run the command systeminfo. sorry to disturb.

Where are you getting stuck with those instructions?