Green roof and Ground in Honeybee

I want to test the exterior thermal comfort by testing different scenarios using (honeybee 1.6):

  1. The room has 1 green wall
  2. The room has 1 Green wall and a green roof
  3. The room has 1 Green wall, a green roof, and is surrounded by green ground.

I keep getting the same error when I connect the green roof and/or the green ground to the model. What should I do to fix this issue? also, is this the right way to test green roofs and walls, or there is a better way?

Green roof, ground and (92.3 KB)

It’s best to post these kind of questions in the ladybug forum.

When I worked with honeybee, one error I got at first was related to geometry being too far off the world origin, it doesn’t really look like that is the same issue you are having, but have a look.

Thank you!