GrasshopperSDK.chm where to download manually?

Having trouble acquiring the SDK documentation ---- ‘grasshopper > help > Download SDK Help’ asks me for a destination folder, i choose yes and save and i receive no file.

It would be nice to be able to get the documentation as a pdf, such as:

‘Download Essential Mathematics For Computational Design 3rd 3.0 MB’

it is possible that a proxy is blocking the download: [i am in an educational institution]

however a manual download would fix the problem

basically i want a site rip of this:

if it is possible / legal/…

You may try this

Clone doesn’t seem to work, but I don’t know why: “git clone

// Rolf

I don’t see how a manual url will help if the access is blocked by some firewall.
You can copy the SDKDownloader.exe program from the Grasshopper plugin folder and run it at home.

Here’s the file hosted through discourse: Grasshopper (13.6 MB)

The .chm file needs to be “unblocked” in order to work on Win10. Like so:

// Rolf

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Thanks for that David