Grasshopper Wishlist

A few ideas for my grasshopper wishlist:

Naming Parameters: When searching, create parameters with naming shortcuts. For instance: Mesh //myMesh.

Populate Inputs: A few plugins like Vray populate inputs backward. It does this for the rendering engine and saves time searching for all the inputs. I think this would be a really nice universal feature for inputs that pretty much have one compatible input, or even populate the most common component. For instance mesh/Brep “settings” input. Double-click on the settings input and populate the “mesh settings” component.

Document overview using groups I don’t like to use clusters as I have found it awkward to open and close them. But when I have a large definition, it’s hard to have an overview or table of contents of what is going on. It would be nice to generate the table of contents using the groups, with nested groups as a hierarchy. Clicking on the name in the table of contents would take you to that group.