Grasshopper Vornoi 3D

Hey guys, i’m pretty new in this grasshoper thing and I tried to build my Model with YouTube Tutorials which wasn’t hard as i thought but i need your help to create a ‘whole’ on a certain area

short Description for the Model: It’s a climbing sculpture for kids where they can not only climb, walk and sit it is for hiding inside as well (that’s why i need a whole to have an entrance)

this is how it Looks like and how i worked with grasshoper

1-Take the final mesh(before thickening).
2- explode the mesh.
3- take the faces.
4- compute the centroid of faces.
5- check if the centroids of the faces are inside your boundary(you have to extrude your boundary to make a volume out of it).
6- cull the faces that their centroids are inside the boundary.
7- join the rest of the faces.

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Hi, Mahan.

Thanks for your help it took me a bit to get the steps as a beginner but i cant tell how helpful that was. i have another question about the last step cause i didnt get it. What do I have to join with what? Sorry for that dumb question its 2 am.

I think he meant to Join the separated MeshFaces back into a single mesh again with the Mesh Join component:

// Rolf

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First and foremost thing is to read the forum guidelines.

Or atleast see how others posting their questions.

I am sure it’s not @mahanmotamedi1991 idea to provide you text explanation. You made him to do that.

Without posting your file. You cannot except good result/ solution from here. And no one have time to completely recreate your model and answer it.


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Yes. As @RIL said, you have to rejoin the the faces to get a single mesh at the end. So you can thicken it.