Grasshopper user Groups


I was just asking me if there are more people thinking this would be an advantage for the community to have groups. Dont know if it is even possible.

Maybe there would be a space for them:

What are you thinking of this?

Like in the old forum? I would like it :slight_smile:

Exactly like the old one, I just checked, for example the geometryGym group had the las activity on sunday, so it seems they are in use.

Personally I would like to open a local group to be connect to other rhino/GH user nearby. SInce I have no social media that could be a way :smiley:

There are some sub-forums already:

Hi Nathan,

thanks, I saw them already.
I imagine the subforums are very util to organize the questions.
When I see the groups page of the old forum, I see several groups that are not related to plug-ins or operating systems, in my opinion this could extend the forum from just question and answer.
But as said before I cant imagine if this is wanted(by McNeel or the users).