Grasshopper: upgrade to new plugins

Hi there,

My question is:
What is the most efficient way, to upgrade old existing grasshopper files to newer plugins?

My example:
I got a different computer and I set up Rhino8 with all plugins I need. But now, when I open a old file, there’s this warning that some plugins are missing, because I installed a newer Version.

The tool can’t find the missing plugin needed for my tool.

Then, the missing Nodes look like this - and I don’t know what it has been to replace it with a newer version of the node:

I know how to solve this. Close without saving… installing missing plugin manually, open again…

But, is there another way for this? That my old nodes update automatically to the new plugins?


Hi Jess,

The older Elefront will work side by side, i think the best route would be to install the old version then replace the components. Unless the dev integrates an upgrade into the plugin workflow this will have to be done manually. In this case the newer versions will upgrade to the next release, but the older major version isn’t going to support that feature.