Grasshopper to tekla export Tips

Hello experts,

I am modeling tunnels in grasshopper then export to tekla as we normally do, but the problem is tunnels are very long about 1.2 km. its taking almost an hour to export.
Do you have any solution for that how can we reduce the time to export. any tips ?
refer attached document

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ajit singhDocument1.pdf (275.8 KB)

no script screen shots …

please refer attached document

instead of using cap u can take the curve edges and make boundary surface and then brep join it
try this one too

are you converting the brep into an item in tekla ?

from file menu export quick image u can use for screen shots for sending

hi rajiv,

yes am converting to Tekla as for IFC purpose as project need.
bdw i tried with join surface using edge surface but its not working.
have a look.

to capture rhino as well am using snap for now.

thanks for help

change to High quality display
and how u constructed the curve is it arc or curves (make with circles or arc )
(u can bake the geometry and check its smooth or not )

you can capture rhino model also in Export Quick Image


this time i have used only circle from GH, just to check but same issue is there.
high quality preview in grasshopper i tried, but dint work too,
but i wonder when i export to cad it looks ok but not in tekla and rhino preview.
please see attached snap for preview. i guess some view settings to be done in tekla and rhino.

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ajit singh

check out the tekla advance settings for smooth curves in tekla

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