Grasshopper to tekla as object not item

hi experts,

can we export objects from grasshopper to tekla as objects not as items like i want same properties as tekla objects has. I dont want to go with Item.
because with item its has some limitation like you cannot cut that part with line/cut in tekla, also i dont want to go with curve from grasshopper and profiles are in tekla.

best regards
ajit singh

Hi @asingh4 ,
As far as I know, both steel and concrete items should be able to be cut with ‘line/cut’ command.
If you already have beams in Tekla, you can ‘reference’ them to Grasshopper, apply changes (for example shrink-extend some of their axes) and the recreate them back to Tekla.

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You have to use Grasshopper/Tekla live link