Grasshopper to GSA

Does anyone know how to export a shell into GSA? What I would like to do is obtaining all the possible diagrams for my “surface”, which I’m exporting as a triangulated mesh. I seem to only be able to do so with beams…


Thanks for posting. Can you please clarify your question a little?
You can pull numerical results from GSA into Grasshopper (including FE results such as stress).
GG provisions for displaying analysis results in Grasshopper is still nominal, as GSA provides this
functionality. Are you having trouble with displaying the FE results diagram in GSA itself after generating model data?



Hello Jon,

Sorry if my question is not really clear. I would just like to export bidimensional elements from Grasshopper into GSA and then be able to obtain FE results into GSA.

I just don’t understand the workflow to do so, since to be honest I don’t really know how that would work in GSA alone, I’m now in the process of watching tutorials and looking at the examples you provided, which are really useful.

I’ve been asked to do this with a shell, but I only understand how that would work with beams and columns.

Sure, thanks for clarifying, if you check these samples:

Scroll down to near the bottom for Result Queries and try the FE and principal stress files.

Let us know if this doesn’t help.



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