Grasshopper- Tekla 2019


Why Tekla doesnt create the profiles of all input curves?

sometimes i get message “Object identifier not valid. Object might have been deleted from the Tekla model.”

I doubt it is related to tekla, like when we delete the geometries and then recompute Grasshopper beam component, it remembers some deleted IDs and doesnt replace them with the new ones. (14.9 KB)
Any solution to this ?

Versions used: Rhino 6 and tekla 2019

I think u will get the answers in tekla forum…

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Hi @mohamad.jawad ,
Whenever you can use lines as an input for the ‘Beam’ component, instead of curves.
If I am not mistaken Tekla’s ‘Beam’ component makes use of the class of the same name which is defined as a line.
Check the attached file. (21.0 KB)