Grasshopper Sweep1 Multiple Curve Problems


I’m working on this wall detail. Sweep 1 seems to only be using the first 11 lines and then uses the start point even though the lines are present and working. Can anyone explain why this is happening?


Sweep1 Issue|690x289

I would use start point instead of end point for the rectangle section.
Why graft the Rectangle output?
Does the Ln (Line) component have the same number of points on both of its inputs?

These questions and more would be readily answered if you posted your file, as recommended:

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

Thanks for getting back. I’m still very new to all this but I checked those things and everything looks ok. Here are my flies:
Sweep1 Problems.3dm (118.4 KB) Sweep1 (9.0 KB)

Check again. Using start point instead of end point for the rectangle section fixes the problem. In other words, the section curve should be at the beginning of the rail instead of the end.