Grasshopper slower in R6 than R5?

Hi, I have just downloaded R6 (a little late, I know) and started working on a project I did in R5.
I noticed that the times were considerably bigger.
possible culprits that I could think of:

  • old components in the script ----> No, no notification for outdated components
  • Need for a better system —> maybe?
  • Unit tolerance settings —> the same.

any thoughts? (76.7 KB)

In my experience r6 is much faster than v5.

But now I see that in v5 there was also indication about the percentage of that particular component out of the whole solution @DavidRutten is it possible to get that back to v6 as well?

no, in R6 this was part of a greater solution and I saved it as a separate definition to open in R5. That’s why it has a 100% percentage. but the time it consumes should not be affected by the overall size of the file (or does it?)

You should uncheck “Show Duration” option on the profiler context pop up…

Or double click the little balloon labels.

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Probably true.

(edit: it’s a cluster, I’ll dig around).

It’s a crude definition and it hasn’t been fool-proofed for null data and such. But even in the handling of errors it should show the same speed (no?).

For the record: I have experienced this as well with a definition that contains clusters.

There have been big changes to a lot of core algorithms in Rhino6. Sweep is one of them, Solid booleans too, Make2D obviously, the mesher, and whole raft of lower-level ones. If one of them is performing slower than before it may either be a bug, or maybe it’s just that the new algorithm is more reliable at the cost of performance.

At least we have excluded that for some reason the encapsulation in a cluster is at fault.
I run the same routine inside and outside the cluster and they take the same time.
(thank God! I couldn’t live without clusters)


I just discovered that you can copy paste components from one canvas to another, So i did the operation in R5 and copy-pasted the result in R6.
Not a final solution but at least a quick fix-around. :smile: