Grasshopper skips intersections when moving curve parameter in Rhino

I generate a set of intersections from two curves I have in Rhino:


But after using the gizmo to move the line a little bit, it looks like this:

Does anyone know why? If I change the pattern count, all points most often come back, but not always. This seems glitchy over all. (8.5 KB)
intersect.3dm (92.4 KB)

Works fine here. Run the systeminfo command in Rhino and see if you are running old and/or Intel graphics drivers.

What’s your your rhino tolerance?

I’m using pretty new nvidia drivers (updated after the security hole got fixed recently).

You’re not able to move the line in the Y-axis so that only one point is showing?


No, regardless of how big or small a move I make I can’t replicate the problem.

I’m running yesterday’s service release candidate for R6.15