Grasshopper serie

Hi All,

I am trying to recreate the sequence on the image in grasshopper but, being new to it, I don’t really know how to approach this.
What I want to achieve is multiplying a simple line in a series where the distance is multiplied by 1,618 at every following step. So:
1 * 1,618
1 * 1,618 * 1,618
1 * 1,618 * 1,618 * 1,618

On top of that I’d want to put a limit that says when the distance is greater than a certain number invert the series (so the distance decreases). Then when the distance is lower then a certain number re-invert the series (so the distance increases).
This should give a similar result to the one in the image.

Any idea where I could start from? Maybe a video on youtube?


You can use power


To elaborate on @anon39580149’s insightful suggestion: (20.1 KB)

I would have never guessed that “1,618” means “1.618” (do computers understand that where you live?), and furthermore, that 1.618 is the Golden Ratio. Two points!

Thank you all for the very insightful replies!
Unfortunately I’m not sure it’s exactly what I’m after… I would rather have this in expressions.
I’m sure I didn’t express myself clearly, the result I’m trying to achieve is a “random” pattern, it’s better explained here

Quite fascinating!

If you say so.

Maybe you can play around with Graph Mapper.

Random (11.4 KB)